Organization Structure

Laboratory of Antenna, Propagation and Channel (APC Lab)

APC Lab belongs to the Dedicatied communication research direction of the State Key Laboratory of Advanced Rail Autonomous Operation (RAO), Beijing Jiaotong University.


Faculty Members of APC Lab

Prof. Zhangdui Zhong

Chief Professor of communication direction in RAO

Chief Scientist of Ministry of Railways in China

Leader of WiMiRT, IEEE Fellow

Prof. Bo Ai

Depute director of State Key Laboratory of Advanced Rail Autonomous Operation

IET Fellow, IEEE Fellow

Prof. Ke Guan

Leader of mmWave and THz research team

Humboldt Research Fellow

URSI Young Scientist


Associate Prof. Danping He

Leader of international ray-tracing cloud simulation center

2019 ACES Young Scientist


Current Students

Name Program Research interests
Haofan Yi Ph. D. student Terahertz channel modeling
Luoyan Zhu Ph. D. student Channel estimation using massive MIMO and AI
Ting Liu Ph. D. student Channel modeling for communications and sensing
Xiping Wang Ph. D. student Data-enabled channel modelling and learning
Hao An Ph. D. student Channel measurements, simulations and emulation
Hongyu Duan Ph. D. student Modeling for propagation mechanisms
Ben Chen Ph. D. student THz propagation and channel modeling
Boli Su Ph. D. student Optical fibre communications
Xiangyu Shi Master student High-performance ray-tracing platform
Jiayue Han Master student Ray-tracing acceleration technique
Zhao Zhang Master student AI enabled ray tracing
Lei Yang Master student Standard channel modeling
Yiran Wang Master student Material EM property at THz band
Ziye Guo Master student Railway channel modeling
Ran Pan Master student mmWave and THz channel
Xinyi Shan Master student RIS aided ray-tracing based wireless environment enhancement
Xinghai Guo Master student Indoor ray-tracing and network simulation
Ziyue Gong Master student Channel modeling for communications and sensing
Yuxin Liu Master student ISAC based on ray-tracing technique
Meiwen Zhang Master student Localization based on ray-tracing technique
Jinchi Yu Master student Materials' EM properties
Pengfei Wang Master student Indoor channel characterization
Xinran Xiong Master student Satellite-to-ground wireless communications

Graduated Students

Name Degree Title of thesis
Guangkai Li Ph. D. The Methodology of Scatterer Modeling and Its Research in the Wireless Channel of Connected Vehicles
Jingya Yang Ph. D. Research on Characteristics and Modeling Approaches of Rapidly Time-varying Channels in High-Speed Train Scenarios
Dong Yan Ph. D. mmWave radio propagation mechanisms
Lina Wu Ph. D. AI+Channel prediction
Jianqiao Cheng Ph. D. UAV channel modeling and networking
Zhuangzhaung Cui Ph. D. A2A and A2G channel modeling
Shaoshi Wang Master Measurement and Simulation Research of Broadband Wireless Channel for Vehicular Communication at 3.5 GHz
Wanqiao Wang Master mmWave vehicle channel simulation and modeling
Lei Ma Master Channel modeling for indoor localization
Hao Qiu Master Channel modeling for industrial internet of things
Zijie Xia Master mmWave radar measurement and signal processing
Pengxiang Xie Master THz scattering propagation machanism
Wenbin Li Master mmWave propagation machanism
Yuqiao Song Master mmWave vehicular communications
Jundi Zhang Master High-speed railway communications

Research Outcomes