Organization Structure

Laboratory of Antenna, Propagation and Channel (APC Lab)

APC Lab belongs to the Dedicatied communication research direction of the State Key Laboratory of Rail Traffic Control and Safety (RCS), Beijing Jiaotong University.


Research Outcomes

Members of APC lab

Prof. Zhangdui Zhong

Chief Professor of communication direction in RCS

Chief Scientist of Ministry of Railways in China

Leader of WiMiRT

Prof. Bo Ai

Depute director of State Key Laboratory of Rail Traffic Control and Safety

IET Fellow, IEEE Senior member

Associate Prof. Ke Guan

Leader of mmWave and THz research team

Humboldt Research Fellow

URSI Young Scientist


Associate Prof. Danping He

Leader of International ray-tracing cloud simulation center



Guangkai Li Ph. D. student Modeling for propagation mechanisms
Jingya Yang Ph. D. student mmWave railway channel modeling
Longhe Wang Ph. D. student High-performance ray-tracing platform
Zhuangzhuang Cui Ph. D. student A2A and A2G channel modeling
Yichuan Lin Ph. D. student MIMO technologies and resource allocation
Lina Wu Ph. D. student 3D environment reconstruction
Haofan Yi Ph. D. student Terahertz channel modeling
Dong Yan Ph. D. student Space-air-vehicle-ground integrated network
Jianqiao Cheng Ph. D. student UAV channel modeling and networking
Hang Mi Ph. D. student Localization based on high-precision channel
Luoyan Zhu Ph. D. student Channel estimation using massive MIMO and AI
Wanqiao Wang Master student mmWave vehicle channel simulation and modeling
Lei Ma Master student Channel modeling for indoor localization
Hao Qiu Master student Channel modeling for industrial internet of things
Shaoshi Wang Master student V2X channel measurement and modeling
Xue Lin Master student RT calibration algorithm, 3D environment reconstruction

HPC service provider

Jiaxun Feihong

Beijing Jiaxun Feihong Electrical Co., Ltd is our corporative partner and the operator of the HPC cloud service. Jiaxun Feihong concentrates on the innovation in the dispatch & control communication field and sticks to create value for customers by advanced science & technology.