IEEE VTS 2019 Neal Shepherd Best Propagation Award

Sep 30, 2019

The Vehicular Technology Society (VTS) Conference in Honolulu/USA was held on 24th September 2019. Prof. Ke Guan, Prof. Bo Ai, Dr. Bile Peng, Dr. Danping He, Dr. Guangkai Li, Dr. Jingya Yang, Prof. Zhong and Prof. Dr. Thomas Kürner were awarded the Neal Shepherd Award of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society. The prize is awarded annually for one of the approximately 750 articles published in the previous five years on wave expansion in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology.

The two-part paper entitled “Towards Realistic High-Speed Train Channels at 5G Millimeter-Wave Band” propose channel modeling approach for the 5G mmWave mobile systems in high-speed train environment. This work is a joint collaboration between Bejing Jiaotong University and Technische Universität Braunschweig. With such systems it will be possible in future to provide data connections with very high data rates in trains that can be used both for the use by passengers and for tasks in the context of train control. Based on the simulation models described in the paper, the costly measurement campaigns can be significantly reduced.