New paper in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology

Apr 17, 2018

The paper “A Geometry-Based Stochastic Channel Model for the Millimeter-Wave Band in a 3GPP High-Speed Train Scenario” has been published on IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology (Impact factors: 4.066).


Since the measurement of an mmWave channel is deficient for high-mobility high-speed train scenario, the authors developed such channel model using a ray-tracing (RT) simulator that is validated with the channel measurements performed in the HST scenario at 93.2 GHz.

The paper gives a full parameterization for the proposed channel model and its implementation for channel simulation in high-speed train scenario. The verification of the channel model is made through a comparison of the proposed model and the measurement-validated RT simulations in terms of the power delay profile (PDP), the Ricean K-factor and the second-order statistics for the delay and angle domains. In addition, for the design of mmWave HST communication systems, the time-varying channel characteristics are evaluated in the delay and Doppler domains.